LETR By Laws

By Laws

Purpose of the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR)

The mission of the Law Enforcement Torch Run is to support the mission of Special Olympics New York through a partnership of communities and law enforcement agencies with the goal of raising funds and public awareness for Special Olympics New York athletes.


All details related to meetings and votes not stipulated in these bylaws should follow Roberts Rules of Order.

Structure of LETR

LETR State Committee

  • The LETR State Committee has a director and an executive committee made up of:
    • Two assistant directors (East and West)
    • One regional director in each of the nine Special Olympics New York regions
  • Eligibility: All law enforcement personnel (police and peace officers)
    • State Committee members must be active members of the LETR program to remain voting members of the State Committee. If inactive for a term of one year, the member will be removed from State Committee correspondence.
    • A potential State Committee member will be invited to a State Committee meeting for an introduction. At the end of each State Committee meeting, a vote will take place to elect the new member to the State Committee. The new committee member will not have voting rights until the next meeting.
  • Removal of LETR State or Executive Committee member
    • Executive Committee can remove members by cause with a majority vote from all Executive Committee members currently in office.
  • LETR State Sub-Committees are selected from the ranks of the State Committee. Sub- Committees will be empowered to make decisions based on their purposes as decided by the LETR Director.

Torch Run Director Selection

  • Torch Run Director will be elected by the State Committee
    • Voting takes place every two years preceded by a nomination process.
    • Executive Committee is selected by the Torch Run Director.


  • For items voted on at LETR State Committee meetings
    • All votes will be decided by a simple majority of all those eligible and present to vote
  • For items voted on by email, fax, etc.
    • All votes will be decided by simple majority of all eligible State Committee members who respond by the deadline
  • All votes will be verified by one Special Olympics New York staff representative (selected by CEO) and one representative designated by the Torch Run Director
  • All voting results will be made available upon request.

Final Leg Selection

  • A nomination for the Final Leg can come from any member of the LETR Sate Committee.
  • Selection will be made by a committee comprised of active past Final Leg participants and a Special Olympics New York representative.
  • Decision will be made by simple majority vote from all nominated candidates.

LETR International Conference Selection

  • The chair of the anchor events located in each region will be invited to attend.
  • In an effort to reward long-standing LETR volunteers and entice rookie participation, discretionary spots will be selected by the Torch Run Director and a Special Olympics New York representative. The number of spots available will be determined by the Special Olympics New York Budget.
  • Most recent past Final Leg participant will be invited to attend.
  • Torch Run Director will be invited to attend.

Honorary Athlete

  • On January 1 of each year, the Torch Run Director will select a Global Messenger from Special Olympics New York to serve as an at-large member of the committee from January 1 through December 31.

Routine Business

  • Torch Run Director and Executive Committee are empowered to make decisions on New York Law Enforcement Torch Run business not pertaining to a Special Olympics New York policy.