Coaches Wanted!

Naomi’s mission is to shoot 100% from the foul line.
Getting her there is yours.

Naomi’s mission is to shoot 100% from the foul line.
Getting her there is yours.

Meet your Mission: Become a Coach

Have sports had a major impact in your life? Are you looking for a way to give back to the community while doing something you love? Do you want to be part of a movement that changes lives?

In every region of the state, there are thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities waiting to discover the champion within. Join our volunteer coaching ranks and you could be the reason their dreams come true.

The following volunteer coaching positions are currently available:


Volunteer coaches are a primary reason Special Olympics New York is able to provide its athletes with the opportunity to play 22 sports throughout the year. Athletes train at every level, from sports skills to authentic competition in local communities as well as across the state, nation and even the world.

Teamwork is the key to success! Special Olympics New York will work with you to build your coaching team, or to add you to an existing club that needs help. Together with local staff, coaching teams coordinate every aspect of a training club, from practices and competition to facilities, uniforms and safety.

Basic knowledge of the chosen sport and some coaching experience is preferred. Training will be provided.

Sport Assistant

Coaches can spend much of their time on administrative tasks such as ensuring that athlete paperwork is up to date, ordering uniforms or booking practice facilities. A Sport Assistant serves local training clubs in this capacity so that the athlete experience is uninterrupted and coaches can dedicate more time to athlete training.

No sports experience necessary. Office space can be provided.

Team Manager

A Team Manager assumes the role and responsibilities of a Sport Assistant for a single training club, only. No sports experience necessary.

Are you ready to meet your mission?

Please express your interest in any one of these positions by filling out the form below, or attending our next virtual Open House.

We look forward to working with you!