How Quick Response Stepped Up for Special Olympics New York

Early one morning at last year’s State Fall Games, Special Olympics New York staff Stacy Eder received a phone call from a volunteer captain.

“Umm…” said the captain. “There are some Ghostbuster guys here.”

You might see these “Ghostbusters” in Glens Falls, too, but don’t let the backpack and wand fool you. It isn’t Bill Murray—it’s Quick Response!

Quick Response is a family-owned restoration company based in Round Lake, NY. In addition to fire, water, smoke, and mold restoration services, Quick Response offers free sanitization services to first responders, military, and nonprofits. That’s where our partnership with them began.

“Everybody knows Special Olympics,” said Fabian Johnston, Executive Director at Quick Response. “We wanted to get involved with the movement, and we thought ensuring a safe competition would be just the thing.”

Since last year’s Fall Games in Glens Falls, Quick Response has been offering thorough sanitization services at all our State Games, including our Winter Games in Syracuse and Summer Games in Ithaca. Using a hospital-grade organic cleaning solution delivered from a pressurized wand, their cleaning ensures a safe environment for everyone.

“Considering the size and scope of our State Games, we’re doing everything we possibly can to hold socially responsible events,” said Eder, Statewide Director of Community Engagement & Events at Special Olympics New York. “Sanitization is and was a dire need, especially last year. Quick Response stepped up to make it happen.”

Quick Response’s Ghostbuster-like equipment wraps around surfaces that would be otherwise inaccessible. This drastically reduces the risk of spreading viruses such as Covid-19, which can be especially dangerous for people with disabilities.

“We sanitized all the busses at first,” Johnston explained. “Then we expanded to all the venues. If we can’t staff a location, we drop off our organic solution prior to the event, along with spray bottles.”

The upcoming State Fall Games will be Quick Response’s fourth state-level event with us. And, like our programs, they offer their service completely free of charge.

“We are so thankful for Quick Response,” said Eder. “They’re giving piece of mind not only to our staff and athletes, but to the communities who host us.”