Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Special Olympics New York is a community for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. As leaders of the Inclusion Revolution, we are committed to DEIB objectives that foster an environment where every demographic of athlete, partner, volunteer, donor and staff member is and feels valued.

One of the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan is to be an epicenter of inclusion for New York by serving, employing and partnering with a population as diverse as the state’s communities. As we work toward this goal, we are committed to a process of continuous learning, and unlearning, about systems that support DEIB; and broadening our connections to, and outreach with, underrepresented communities throughout New York.

A DEIB Committee is actively examining organizational practices and policies to ensure our success. The Committee’s work is guided by several values:

  • A culture of acceptance, respect, fairness, transparency and representation by all community members, both internally and externally
  • Open communication that reflects a civil and respectful expression of ideas and opinions
  • Appropriate action if and when a member of our community is treated unfairly